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Shed Permit Residential

  1. Information required:
    Plat of Survey may be required if determined necessary by field inspection);
    Site Map of property with proposed location of shed (include dimensions from property lines to all structures);
    J.U.L.I.E. dig number;



  5. Please upload the requested documents, if applicable:

  6. By submitting this application the applicant does hereby acknowledge and affirm the following: (1) That he or she is the project property owner or authorized agent; (2) That the issuance of the requested permit is conditioned upon the consent of the permit holder and his or her employees, contractors or other agents, to comply with the codes, rules, specifications and ordinances of the City of Aledo; (3) That the permit holder shall obtain all required inspections for the project; (4) That the permit does not grant any right or privilege to violate the codes and ordinances of the City of Aledo; (5) That a failure to commence work within 180 days of the issuance of this permit or a failure to complete such work within one year of permit issuance shall invalidate the permit and require an extension or new permit as allowed by the building official; (6) That inspections outside of normal business hours, missed inspections or those caused by modifications or noncompliance shall be assessed an additional $50.00 per inspection; (7) That a failure to obtain the required inspections or a violation of codes, rules, specifications or ordinances of the City shall be cause to suspend or revoke the permit and shall further be cause for the City to seek compliance in a manner as provided by law.
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