Neighborhood Vehicle Permit

The City requires your Neighborhood Vehicle to get a permit sticker prior to driving in the City of Aledo.  Permits are valid from the date of issue through December 31st of that calendar year for the amount of $50 per calendar year. Permits must be renewed every year.  Sticker must be visibly displayed on the back passenger side or "slow moving" emblem located at the rear of the golf cart or NV at all times.

Per City Code Section 9-10-2, persons who have obtained permits from Visit MerCo or other municipalities shall be authorized to operated golf carts or NVs within the City of Aledo in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter, provided that all such vehicles are equipped with a sticker on the rear the vehicle as visible proof of compliance with Mercer County or such other municipality's ordinances.  Vehicles do not need to be inspected but do need to comply with the Neighborhood Vehicles Equipment Check-List.  

Permit Application

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