Garbage & Recycling Services

The City of Aledo has approved Jackson Disposal as the single garbage and recyclables hauler for city residents. Garbage pick-up is scheduled for Wednesdays for residents North of Highway 17 and Thursdays for residents South of Highway 17. All recycling will be picked up on Wednesdays. All garbage and recycle items must be set out by 4:00 AM. Pick-ups will be delayed by one day after a holiday during specific holidays.  Please click the link below for the holiday schedule. Monthly charges of $17.95 will be added to your City of Aledo utility bill effective January 1, 2024.

Recycling toters will be furnished free of charge to each customer. Please call LRS at 309-586-4410 to order either an 18-gallon or 65-gallon toter for recyclables. Garbage containers can be rented directly from LRS. Customers need to call Jackson to arrange container rentals. Residents may also choose to use their own receptacles for this service, up to a total of 120 gallons if using multiple receptacles. Per City Code 7-3-2 “No person shall permit any waste to accumulate on his or her premises . . . except in containers or receptacles appropriate for the type of waste involved . . . The term “container” includes garbage cans, metal or plastic, with lids fitting nearly airtight and watertight as practicable . . . It also includes recyclable containers or bins which need not have lids. Every person in possession of a dwelling unit . . . shall be required to have accumulations of refuse and waste collected and disposed of regularly and systematically at least once per week by a residential waste hauler duly licensed by the city .”.

Exemptions will be allowed for residents who will be away from their property for at least two months consecutively. You will need to contact City Hall in advance in order to be exempt from these charges.  Residents who are business owners in the City of Aledo who make use of their business dumpster for their garbage elimination can also be exempted. These residents will need to contact City Hall at 309-582-7241, extension 0 to request removal from this service.

Questions should be directed to Aledo City Hall at 309-582-7241.

Lakeshore Recycling List

Lakeshore Recycling Holiday Schedule