Winter Maintenance Plan

City of Aledo, IL Winter Maintenance Policy 


The City of Aledo will provide safe, reliable, and efficient winter maintenance within the City of Aledo. 


The objective of this Winter Maintenance Plan is to define the level of service to be maintained and the procedures to be followed, to reduce the hazards resulting from winter snow and ice, in order to maintain the City’s roadways in a safe condition. 


This plan applies to public streets under the jurisdiction of the City of Aledo. The City maintains over 30 miles of roadway. 

A. Roadway Classification 

     1. Major Collectors: Major Collector routes are generally characterized by their ability to quickly move relatively large volumes of traffic. The major collectors within the City of Aledo are Illinois Route 17 (SW/SE 3rd Street) and Illinois Route 94 94 (South College Avenue). The Illinois Department of Transportation is responsible for the maintenance of these routes. 

     2. Minor Collectors: Minor Collector routes are characterized by a relatively even distribution of access and mobility functions. These routes typically lead to points of destination within the City or connection to Major Collector routes. (Street Maintenance Plan Map) 

     3. Local Street: All public streets not classified as collectors are classified as local streets. 

B. Level of Service for Roadways 

     1. Snow Accumulation 

          a. The minimum standard for addressing snow accumulation is 2 inches. 

     2. Ice Formation or Accumulation 

          a. The minimum standard for treating icy roadways is the time that the municipality becomes aware of the fact that an ice event is impending, or, the fact that the roadway is icy. 

     3. Roadway Procedures 

As a snow or ice event draws near and the snow begins to fall, staff may pre-treat minor collectors with deicing salt to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the roadway. Plowing of the major and minor collectors is conducted once the snow accumulates to 2 inches. The objective, during a snow or ice event, is to keep traffic moving in a safe and efficient manner. Therefore, depending on the storm conditions, it may be necessary to plow minor collector routes several times before local roads are plowed. 

Winter control procedures will be initiated by the Director of Public Works, Street Superintendent, or the Police Department as weather and road conditions demand. Monitoring of weather forecasts, patrol reports, and other information, as may be available, may allow preparations for winter control operations to be initiated prior to the beginning of an actual event. 

The Street Division staff member on patrol during an event will notify the Director of Public Works of changing road and weather conditions. The Director of Public Works will, as may be required, make the appropriate call outs, to initiate control operations. 

     4. Spreading Salt, Sand, or Other Chemicals 

Salt is applied to critical areas, such as steep hills, curves, intersections and minor collectors in proximity to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, industrial areas, and downtown areas. The critical areas also may be salted in advance of a storm event in order to further reduce the potential for problems. Salt is not routinely applied to local streets; however, it may be applied during extreme or dangerous situations, or an ice event. Sand may be applied to local streets as an alternate to salt to provide traction and reduce slippery conditions. 

     5. Snow Routes 

Following, or during any snowfall event that exceeds 2 inches, and until such time as the snowfall has stopped and the City of Aledo has completed plowing and salting operations, it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on either side of the following streets: 

          (A) South College Avenue (Illinois Route 94) from the north right-of-way line of SE/SW 3rd Street to the south right-of-way line of SE/SW 12th Street. 

          (B) North College Avenue from the intersection of NW/NE 2nd Street to the intersection of NW/NE 7th Street. 

          (C) SE 2nd Avenue from the intersection of SE 4th Street to the intersection of SE 15th Street. 

          (D) SE/NE 3rd Avenue from the north right-of-way line of SE 3rd Street to the south right-of-way line of Mercer Township Road No. 141 (100th Avenue) 

     6. Snow Removal (Lifting and hauling of snow piles) 

Removal of snow will take place taking into consideration of public safety, snow storage capability, emergency access routes, street parking requirements, vehicle and pedestrian traffic volumes, and parking lot capacity. Snow removal begins in the downtown and business areas. Specific equipment is required therefore snow pile removal is usually completed between 12 midnight and 8 a.m. following the snow storm. 

C. Level of Service for Sidewalks 

The City of Aledo does not perform snow or ice removal on residential sidewalks. The City does however; clear snow on high priority sidewalks such as the Multi-Purpose Pathway and the downtown business district. 

D. Allowing for Variable Weather Conditions 

During extraordinary snow and ice events, additional personnel and equipment may be utilized to supplement operations. During periods of extended continuous snowfall or freezing rain, operations may be focused on minor collectors, which include primary transportation routes, emergency service locations, and may be performed on a limited scale. 

Snow and ice control operations should be conducted when weather conditions do not endanger the safety of employees or equipment, and operations are effective. Factors that may delay operations may include severe cold, significant winds, limited visibility and rapid accumulation of snow and/or ice. 

Staff will utilize weather forecasting information to predict and pro-actively respond to winter storm events. 

E. Responsibilities of Residents 

Providing information to the public is a vital part of winter maintenance services. Residents need to know how they can help facilitate snow clearing and what to expect in terms of a response to winter storms. Information will be provided periodically throughout the winter season advising residents of the City’s winter control activities and requirements. This notification will inform the public of normal winter control activities and, in effect lists the “do’s and don’ts” that they, as responsible citizens, should be aware of in order to help City staff efficiently maintain their roadways. (Winter Tips)

On street parking in residential areas is a major factor preventing effective and safe snow removal operations, and emergency service response. If at all possible, the City encourages residents to remove parked vehicles from the roadways during a snow event. (Winter Tips) 

F. Repairing Property Damage 

Winter maintenance activities may cause property damage even under the best of circumstances and care on the part of the plow operators. The major types of damage are to improvements in the road right-of-way which extends beyond the property line. The intent of this right-of-way is to provide room for snow storage, utilities, sidewalks, and other City and Public uses. The City is responsible for the repair of any plow damage to the roadway or grass boulevard. Other damage within the Public right-of-way is the responsibility of the property owner including, but not limited to; trees, shrubs, bushes, landscaping materials, decorative rock, and lawn/landscaping irrigation systems. The City does not repair/replace sod damaged due to the application of sand, salt, or other de-icing materials. 

G. Continuous Improvement 

The City of Aledo is committed to continuous improvement of all its operations. Therefore, this plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.