Commendations and Complaints

Thank or Commend an Officer

If you feel an officer of the Aledo Police Department did something extraordinary, helped you when you were in need, or you just wish to thank an officer or officers, you may do so by filling out the commendation form on this site.  You may also call the police department or walk in to speak directly to an employee. To use the Citizen Commendation Form, simply print the form and fill it out or pick one up in the lobby of the police department.

Citizen commendation forms can be mailed to the Department, dropped off at the Department facility in person, or given to any officer.

Filing a complaint

If you wish to file a complaint about an officer of the Aledo Police Department, you may do so using the complaint form on this site, by calling the police department or by walking into the police department and speaking directly to an employee. To use the Citizen Complaint Form, simply print the form and fill it out or pick one up in the lobby of the police department.

You may turn the form in at the department itself, mail the form to the address below, or scan your completed form and e-mail it to the department at [email protected].

What happens after I file a complaint:

If you file a Citizen Complaint Form, the department will investigate your complaint thoroughly. You may be contacted during the investigation to provide further information or to clarify information in the complaint.

You will be contacted by the department at the end of the review and investigation of your complaint. You will be informed of the outcome of your complaint.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1 - Will this affect me in any way in the future if I need assistance from the Aledo Police Department?

Answer - NO – Filing a complaint has absolutely no bearing on any future dealings you may have with this department.

2 – Can I file a complaint anonymously?

Answer – YES – Please note, you may call the department anonymously to file a complaint and you may fill out a complaint form and write “ANONYMOUS” in the section where your personal information would normally be written. However, the department will not be able to contact you and you will not be able to call and receive information about the status of the investigation or its resolution. It is more difficult to investigate and deal with anonymous complaints.

3 – Will the officer I filed a complaint against seek retribution against me?

Answer – The Aledo Police Department has a strict policy forbidding any retaliation against anyone who files a complaint against an officer(s) or the department itself. If you feel you have been retaliated against or harassed as the result of filing a complaint, contact the department immediately and report the problem.

4 – What happens if I was angry and filed a false complaint against an officer?

Answer – You could be charged with filing a false police report and prosecuted criminally for making false statements to the department. This will only happen if you knowingly made false statements and filed a complaint you knew was not true.