Public Works

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The City owns and operates its own natural gas department. In 1955 the gas line proposal was voted on and approved. In 1956 and 1957 the gas line pipe was installed. The first resident service was installed on November 16, 1956. Since that first day, Aledo gas department has had uninterrupted service. Today we have approximately 35 miles of main pipeline and supply natural gas to 1700 homes and businesses.

Gas Emergencies

In the event of a gas emergency please evacuate your home and call for assistance from a safe location.

Water & Sewer System

The City's water system consists of 3 90 feet deep wells. Water is pumped at a 900 gallons per minute (gpm) rate to 2 4-cell iron and manganese removal sand filters. Following filtration 600 gpm of water is directed to a 650,000 gallon per day (gpm) reverse osmosis unit while 200 gpm is aerated and directed to a 300,000 gallon holding tank.

Of the 600 gpm water directed to the reverse osmosis unit, 150 gpm is wasted to a settling lagoon and the remaining 450 gpm of softened water (8 grains per gallon) is aerated and pumped to Aledo. Consumer use for Aledo is approximately 390,000 gallons a day with approximately 1700 homes and businesses connected to the water system.

Prior to this the establishment of the water treatment plant the system consisted of 2 deep wells approximately 1,300 feet deep and a distribution network that was initially constructed in 1889. Currently the City of Aledo has approximately 32 miles of water main, 290 fire hydrants and 2 150,000 gallon elevated storage tanks. Finally, the sewage system consists of 2 lift stations and 2 gravity fed lagoons entailing aeration and rock filters tertiary treatment built in 1987.

Water Emergencies

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