Special Events

Aledo is well-known for its special events and the fellowship these gatherings bring to the community and all who visit. As a “retreat from routine”, you know you’ll find something special here with every visit and every event. Centrally located in Mercer County, special events taking place in our charming downtown feature our historical architecture and locally owned businesses, and have brought people together from all over the nation. Some of our events have been known to bring upwards of 10,000 people to visit our city, and we’ve quickly become known for the genuinely welcoming and friendly atmosphere we create and offer here.

Any event in Aledo is guaranteed to be an inviting, fun, and overall enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Holding a Special Event

To submit your Special Event Application with the City of Aledo follow the link below:

Online Special Event Application

If requesting both Central Park facilities, (Band Shell and Pavilion) there will be one non-refundable use fee of $50.00 and a $50.00 refundable deposit. Fees and deposits are required upon submission of application. The deposit will be returned within one (1) month following he event, provided an inspection of the facility has been completed and no damages have been reported. You must also keep the facility reasonably clean; if not, cleaning fees will be assessed against your deposit. Below are the following rental fee options:

  • Use of Band Shell ($50.00 Deposit & $50.00 Use Fee)
  • Use of Pavilion ($50.00 Deposit)
  •     With Restroom Facilities (add $50.00 Use Fee)
  •     With Grill •Use of Pavilion & Band Shell ($50.00 Deposit & $50.00 Use Fee)
  • Need Access to Utilities such as Power or Water. (Arrangements must be made with the Director of Public Works prior to the event.)
  • Specific routes for races and other such events.

*Certificate of Liability Insurance must be complete or application will not be accepted. You can attach a certificate listing the City as an additional insured with event information in the description section of the certificate.

If you should have any additional questions or assistance before submitting, you may contact Aledo City Hall at 309-582-7241. City Hall fax number is 309-582-7242