Patrol Request

Residents and business owners/managers may request additional patrols of their property whenever they will be absent from the property for a period of time. These requests are commonly referred to as House Watches, Vacation Watches and Business Checks.  Requests for additional patrols and property checks may be made by submitting a Patrol Request form.

The Aledo Police Department has a computerized system for conducting, managing, recording and tracking patrol requests. We consider these extra patrols and property checks to be duty responsibilities for the officers.  Patrol Requests allow the Department to systematically and efficiently conduct and record property inspections of businesses and residences which are unattended for greater than normal periods of time. They are vital to the security and safety of residents, the community as a whole, and businesses located in the City of Aledo.

The person making the request may fill out a Patrol Request form and forward it to the department or call the department and provide the information over the phone at 309-582-2331.

Patrol Request Form

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