Freedom of Information

The City of Aledo Freedom of Information page is your source for everything related to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Inspection & Copying of Records

Inspection of public records, except for police records, will be conducted during normal business hours at City Hall. Inspection of police records will be conducted at the Police Department.

The City may require that a City employee or officer be present during the inspection and may prohibit the requester from bringing bags, brief cases, or other containers into the inspection room. Documents that the requester wishes to have copied will be segregated during the course of the inspection and, after the inspection is complete, will be copied by a city employee or officer.

Copying Fees

Pursuant to the FOIA, the City has the authority to charge reasonable fees to persons requesting copies of public records. These fees are used only to cover the actual costs of the reproduction of public documents and are not designed to recoup the costs of any staff time used in researching or compiling records for inspection or copying.

Fees for copies of oversized documents, maps, blueprints, manuals, or any other records which are to be copied by an outside service will be based on the actual costs by the City.

Copies of public records shall be provided to the requester only upon payment of any charges that are due. For black-and-white paper copies, the requester will be furnished with the first 50 pages per request at no charge.


Type of Fee
8.5 inch by 11 inch Paper Documents
$0.15 per page
8.5 inch by 14 inch Paper Documents $0.15 per page
11 inch by 14 inch Paper Documents $0.15 per page
Certification $1 per page
Compact Disc
$5 each

Additional Charges

Additional charges may be waived or reduced in any case where the City determines that a waiver or fee reduction would serve the public interest. A requester may submit a request for waiver or fee reduction to the Freedom of Information Officer, who will take action on the waiver request within 5 business days of receipt.