Municipal Codes

City Ordinances

The City of Aledo adopts laws known as "ordinances." These laws are unique to Aledo and are only enforced by the City Police Department and Code Inspectors, as may be required.

Our municipal code is published online by American Legal Publishing Corporation. American Legal began their codification division in 1934 regarding publishing, supplementing, and distributing Codes of Ordinances.  Through their dedicated service we are proud to present you online access to the Code of Ordinances. A copy of the City code book is also available for public viewing at City Hall.
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Building Codes

The City also adopts its building and property maintenance codes by reference. This means the actual code, which is often quite lengthy and written by a model code service, is not included in the code of ordinances in its entirety, but by reference only.

The City of Aledo is happy to provide short sections of its adopted building and maintenance codes to its customers and the codes may reviewed at city hall at any time during business hours. Please note that while the code official and staff are happy to provide direction, city employees do not design or offer design assistance. The front office clerks, permit technicians and other support staff are also not permitted to provide code interpretations. Should you require an interpretation of a particular code, please call the Building Official at 309-582-7241.

All Construction Codes may be purchased from the International Code Council (ICC). More information is available on the ICC website or by calling the ICC store at 800-786-4452. The organization accepts major credit cards. 

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Model Codes

The ICC codes are "model" codes created by code and industry officials across the country and are the premier codes adopted by state and local governments. 

The City of Aledo now coordinates its code adoption with many other communities in Western Illinois so that the region has consistent regulations for designers and builders when planning a project in our area.

Adopted Building Codes / Ordinances