JULIE - Call Before You Dig


JULIE, Inc. (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) is a not-for-profit corporation that provides contractors, excavators, homeowners, and others who may be disturbing the earth, with a free service through a single toll-free phone number.

City Requirements

You must call JULIE to have your site marked before you begin excavation. Digging a post hole, swimming pool, foundation or other excavation may expose underground service lines. Julie will coordinate the location and marking of these utilities. The call is simple to make and the service is free. Contacting JULIE will greatly protect against a severed electrical line, gas, water or sewer main.

In order to assure the protection of life and property, the City of Aledo will not issue a permit for projects involving excavation unless you have a JULIE registration number.

Visit the JULIE website and click on E-Request or call 811 or 1-800-892-0123 to have your site marked.
JULIE website