About the Cemetery

The 34.25 acres of land is the home of the Aledo Cemetery.  The City of Aledo owns and maintains the cemetery in excellent condition. The original cemetery first plat was in May 1863. The mausoleum was erected in 1913 and many additions have been added since the first original plat.

Stop by to walk the grounds or enjoy Memorial Park. Donations can be made at City Hall to help with the upkeep of this beautiful place.

Cemetery Addition Original through 6th Addition Map. 

Cemetery 7th Addition Map.

  • Dog or pet waste prohibited
  • No activity after dark
  • No snowmobiles allowed on property
  • The Sexton must pre-approve all monuments, stones or permanent markers before installation
  • Visitors are welcome during daylight hours only

Memorial Decorations

  • Deteriorated decorations or those interfering with maintenance will be discarded
  • Holiday decorations
    • Christmas - Remove by March 1st
    • Memorial Day - Remove by June 15th
  • No breakables or unsafe items
  • No permanent bushes, shrubs or any other planting allowed

Cemetery Fees

Item   Fee**
Cemetery Lot
Columbarium Niche   $1,120
Columbarium (opening/closing)   $198
Columbarium Engraving   $281
Columbarium Re-engraving   $198
Baby or Ashes (opening)
Regular Grave (opening)
Saturday and Selected Holidays*
Mausoleum Crypts
Mausoleum Vault or Crypt (opening/closing)   $281
Lot Transfers
Winter Surcharge (if extra equipment is utilized)
Foundation Work
  At Cost (determined by Sexton)
* Burials permitted on all federal, state and local holidays, except Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Burials are not permitted on Sundays. All funerals shall be completed by 3 p.m.

** 25% of all lot and opening fees shall be deposited in the cemetery endowment fund for perpetual care.

The City Administrator shall have the authority to waive all or a portion of any fee, except lot sales, for purposes of demonstrated hardship. All fees shall increase on January 1 of each calendar year in proportion to an increase in the Consumer Price Index, to a maximum increase of 3%.