City Administrator

The City Administrator is responsible for all of the affairs of the City and carries out the directives of the City’s elected representatives. The City Administrator reports directly to and meets regularly with the Mayor.  

The City Administrator attends City Council and Committee meetings and assists the Mayor and City Council in all aspects of the running of City government.  As a part of this process, the City Administrator submits at those meetings regular reports to the Mayor and City Council on the activities, finances, and the ongoing operations of the City.    

The Mayor and City Council set the goals and priorities for the City.  The City Administrator plans, directs, and coordinates all of the City’s activities to ensure those goals are met.  The appointed department heads report to the City Administrator, who works with and through them to provide services to the community and to carry out all of the functions of City government.   

In addition to the daily functions of the City, the City Administrator is responsible for long-term planning.  The City Administrator oversees budgetary functions, including annual budgeting, multiyear capital improvement plans, and monitors the administration of the City’s budget.  The City Administrator is also tasked with working to find ways to ensure the City’s ongoing financial health, including economic development and long-term growth.  

Effective relationships between City government and the community are vital to achieving ongoing success.  The City Administrator is tasked with developing and maintaining mutually productive relationships with other governmental bodies, community organizations, the local business community, the media, and the residents of the City of Aledo.   The City Administrator is a liaison between the City Council, the community, and the employees of the City.